Crimson City, a paranormal romance novel by Liz MaverickCrimson City

Crimson City #1

It’s a battle for love and life in the kick-off to this paranormal romance series featuring a world of vampires, werewolves, humans, mechs and more.

Crimson Rogue, a paranormal romance by Liz MaverickCrimson Rogue

Crimson City #2

Kick-butt human heroine and super sexy mech hero try to stay in one piece in multi-species world!

A Time to Howl, a Crimson City novella by Liz MaverickA Time to Howl

Crimson City #3

A novella featuring a werewolf princess and a bad-boy rogue from Crimson City.

Crimson and Steam, a paranormal romance by Liz MaverickCrimson & Steam

Crimson City #4

Crimson City’s origin is revealed alongside the Jill & Marius storyline.


Wired, a Timepunk Romance by Liz MaverickWired

Timepunk Romance #1

Pluck a second out of time, your life will change forever. Is there a version of your life in which your enemy is actually your soulmate?

Irreversible, a Timepunk Romance by Liz MaverickIrreversible

Timepunk Romance #2

Kitty is stuck inside a time-travel anomaly…only the incredible hot time-travel anomaly specialist can help her escape.

The Shadow Runners, a science fiction romance by Liz MaverickThe Shadow Runners

Series: 2176

In which a hot ex-prince convinces a young bad-ass heroine to show him through a dangerous futuristic Australia.

Arcania: Trial by Fire #1

Arcania Series

First in the YA fantasy romance series about fighting war and falling in love. Meet spellcaster Adia, healer Finola, shield Grey, and rogue Seger.


Agent Provocateur

Super Sexy Stuff In the future…a revenge-obsessed billionaire spy trains a rookie to be the seductress who will take down his rival.

Kiss or Kill

Super Sexy Stuff He’s half-man, half-machine…but, c’mon, you know he’s got it all.

What a Girl Wants

Contemporary Comedy You know you don’t want to be one of those people who dies in her cubicle and nobody notices for a week.

Adventures of an Ice Princess

Contemporary Comedy What happens when a normal disillusioned girl chucks it all to go work in Antarctica.

Card Sharks

Contemporary Comedy Forget retail! Gambling in Vegas is clearly the best way to pay for drinks and shoes.