Welcome to Crimson City, where desire meets danger and more than just stars come out at night.

Crimson City is a paranormal romance series set in a world (Los Angeles!) where humans, vampires, werewolves, demons, mechs live together and die together.  I developed the series as a continuity, inviting several other authors to join. You can read just my books as a complete mini-series (see the order at right) or enjoy all the books in this order:

Book #1: Crimson City, by Liz Maverick
Book #2: A Taste of Crimson, by Marjorie M. Liu
Book #3: Through a Crimson Veil, by Patti O’Shea
Book #4: A Darker Crimson, by Carolyn Jewel
Book #5: Seduced by Crimson, by Jade Lee
Book #6: Crimson Rogue, by Liz Maverick
Book #7: Shards of Crimson (anthol, multiple authors) includes my novella A Time to Howl
Book #8: Crimson & Steam, by Liz Maverick