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FAQ Category: About the Crimson City Series

What is the reading order of the Crimson City series?

You can read the Crimson City series in two ways!

Let me ‘splain.

I created the Crimson City as a multi-author continuity, which means that there are quite a few books written by a variety of authors in the world. You can read the series from start to finish that way. The other authors in the bigger version of the series include Jade Lee, Marjorie M. Liu, Patti O’Shea and Kathleen Nance.

I  wrote four stories (three books, one novella) for the series, and I wrote them in a way that makes it possible–and enjoyable!–to read only my books. That order is as follows:

  1. Crimson City
  2. Crimson Rogue
  3. A Time to Howl (novella)
  4. Crimson & Steam