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Genre: Paranormal Romance

Crimson & Steam

“An outstanding, amazingly-written thrill ride!” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon

Crimson & Steam is part of the Crimson City paranormal romance series featuring delicious love stories and non-stop action in a city full of vampires, humans, werewolves and demons plus a whole host of hot heroes and bad-ass heroines. This book is about Jillian Cooper and the vampire Marius Dumont, two star-crossed lovers who have been tracking each other since the beginning of the series. Crimson & Steam also explains how the werewolves and vampires and mechs ended up in Los Angeles in the first place! An “origin” story, if you will. I hope you enjoy the read! xo, Liz

A Time to Howl

A TIME TO HOWL is a novella set in Crimson City, a paranormal romance world full of vampires, humans, werewolves, demons and mechs.

In this Crimson City story, werewolf rogue Tajo Maddox finds himself in charge of the safe-keeping of one very uncooperative princess, Gianna Asprey. The lovely Gia might technically just have been kidnapped (for her own good, of course) but she sees her captivity with Tajo as a new kind of freedom–and as a chance to experience the passion she’s been longing for from inside the cage of her gilded life. It’s a Crimson City fairy tale…

Crimson Rogue


He stood there framed in darkness, and then he stepped forward into the light, his jaw set, his mouth a grim slash, a mixture of fear and fury in his eyes…


He was entirely naked, and his body held an unholy kind of beauty.

Cyd gasped as he moved across the carpet and stood before her, a strange and fascinating combination of sleek metal and human flesh marred by shiny strips and plates, burn marks, gashes, and angry red and white scars where metal no longer lined up or had been pried away.

“What kind of secrets do I have? You tell me,” he whispered.

Crimson City

Crimson City kicks off a paranormal romance series featuring a city full of vampires, humans, werewolves, demons and mechs. In this world of hot heroes and bad-ass heroines, desire meets danger when human cop Dain tangles with gorgeous vampire Fleur. With paranormal romance, unique world-building, a big ensemble cast and a dynamite love story, Crimson City’s got it all.


“I’m not what you think,” Dain said. “I’m not a good man.”

“You wouldn’t be here if you were,” Fleur answered, her voice thick with emotion. “Neither would I.”

Her eyes shone an intense blue that seemed to penetrate his soul. Dain imagined he saw love in their depth, but he didn’t dare ask. Not yet. Because he couldn’t be sure of what was to come. And because he had enough emotion for both of them tonight.

“I’m warning you,” he said, stalking her and pulling the jeweled combs from her hair. He crowded up to her. “I’m warning you.”

“No more warnings,” she barely had time to say. He pushed her down on the bed.