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Publisher: Audible Originals

On a Night Like This

Bestselling author Liz Maverick is back with this cozy, captivating holiday rom com about finding love where you least expect it.

After a broken engagement, Cher decides to leave heartbreak behind by signing up for a holiday house swap. For the next few weeks, she’ll ditch sunny California to spend her first Hanukkah in New York City, a time of snow-covered sidewalks, festive store windows, hot cocoa and…cute neighbors?

As Cher is moving into her temporary new apartment, Eliot is moving his ex’s belongings out, and he soon finds himself offering to play tour guide. He’s nursing a broken heart too, and spending time showing the beautiful traveler around is exactly what he needs. There’s nothing more magical than jaunting around the wintry city together with no expectations…until he starts hoping for more.

With the holiday of lights—and the sparks of attraction—setting their hearts aglow, will they find a way to bridge the distance? And when the past comes calling, will their first season together be their last?

©2023 Liz Maverick (P)2023 Audible Originals, LLC

Still Hung Up on You

A hilarious, heart-tugging rom com about two people finding each other again one phone call at a time.

Hannah Gold never thought she’d speak to Ethan Reisner ever again. Getting dumped in high school will do that to you. But when she needs to find a beloved sweater in time for her parents’ 50th anniversary, she begins her search where she last saw it: Ethan’s childhood home.

She thought calling Ethan out of the blue would be the hardest part, but breaking fifteen years of silence was just the beginning. Why is Ethan being so friendly? And helpful? And funny? And is it possible for someone to be handsome over the phone?

As her feelings take her to unexpected places and her parents’ anniversary looms closer, Hannah will have to dig deep, find out what’s real, and decide exactly what she wants.

Bright Winter Lights

Let love light up your heart this holiday season as two old flames get a second chance at love….

Billionaire businessman Adam Bosch decides to bring a date to the family Hanukkah party this year in hopes of getting a break from his mother’s matchmaking. Trouble is, his busy schedule hasn’t left much room for romance. Since he’s always remained cordial with his high school sweetheart Sara Schwartz, he gets back in touch and asks her to be his plus one. And if he’s being honest, it’s a good excuse to see her again…since he’s never quite forgotten her.

Sara’s a successful designer with a close circle of friends and a thriving business—so what if her love life is nonexistent? When Adam resurfaces and asks her to pose as his date after all these years, she thinks it’s a ridiculous idea. But he’s charming, persuasive…and too cute to resist. Before long, they rediscover the spark that first brought them together. Will their holi-date turn into lasting love?

Eight Winter Nights

Cozy up with this warm, festive rom com novella about being true to your heart, the friendships that define us and the irresistible pull of holiday magic.

Last year, Rachel Bacharach met the man of her dreams at a Hanukkah party—and then her outgoing best friend Tamara swooped in and “called” Oz Caplan for herself. It’s a typical outcome for the dependable, bookish Rachel, who is never able to extinguish the spark she immediately felt for Oz. But being secretly in love with her best friend’s boyfriend all year hasn’t been easy.

As this year’s party approaches, Oz and Tamara break up. It’s a worst-case scenario when Oz asks Rachel to help him write Tamara love letters to win her back in time for their Hanukkah anniversary. Rachel’s been writing love letters to Oz into journals for a year; she knows all the words he would need. But will Rachel be able to hide her true feelings from Oz any longer? And might this year’s party finally be Rachel’s chance to trust her heart and put everything on the line for love?