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Series: "Love & Laughter" - Scripted Audio Dramas

Sound effects! Dual narration! Amazing voice acting! It’s like watching the most delightful romantic comedy in a theater…through just your ears.

Still Hung Up on You

A hilarious, heart-tugging rom com about two people finding each other again one phone call at a time.

Hannah Gold never thought she’d speak to Ethan Reisner ever again. Getting dumped in high school will do that to you. But when she needs to find a beloved sweater in time for her parents’ 50th anniversary, she begins her search where she last saw it: Ethan’s childhood home.

She thought calling Ethan out of the blue would be the hardest part, but breaking fifteen years of silence was just the beginning. Why is Ethan being so friendly? And helpful? And funny? And is it possible for someone to be handsome over the phone?

As her feelings take her to unexpected places and her parents’ anniversary looms closer, Hannah will have to dig deep, find out what’s real, and decide exactly what she wants.