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Series: Twist of Fate Series

A blend of humor and adventure that travels between our world and a version of the world in the future. Fun, friendship and romance figure into the time-bending plots.


Katharine Gibbs is popular, gorgeous, and living a life of sheer perfection. This is her Best. Week. EVER. The trouble is, it’s a manufactured life in an alternate reality, a parallel world. She’s lived this week over and over and doesn’t know it.

It’s going to take the clever work of her best friend Roxy and the help of a time-anomaly specialist known as “Q” to get Katharine out of this mess.

Yes, Walter “Q” Sheffield is hot, smart, and just the guy to free Kitty. He can split seconds, erase hours and make the most of a minute. The one thing he can’t do? Relationships and dating. But in this futuristic, time-travel romance, hate and revenge have Kitty trapped in the vagaries of time, and only love and friendship will get her out.


Romance and time-travel blend together in this fast-paced tale of twisted fate.

L. Roxanne Zaborovsky is about to discover that fate is comprised of an infinite number of wires that can be manipulated, and that she’s not the one at the controls.  From the roguishly charming Mason Merrick–a shadow from her past–to the dangerously seductive Leonardo Kaysar, she’s barely even holding on.

But Roxy’s got hidden strength she can use, and with the help of her best friend Katharine, she just might figure out which wire of reality is the one that will end with her getting the right guy and the right future.