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Series: Popular "Standalone" Books

Not part of an ongoing series, but no less delicious ;)

Eight Winter Nights

Cozy up with this warm, festive rom com novella about being true to your heart, the friendships that define us and the irresistible pull of holiday magic.

Last year, Rachel Bacharach met the man of her dreams at a Hanukkah party—and then her outgoing best friend Tamara swooped in and “called” Oz Caplan for herself. It’s a typical outcome for the dependable, bookish Rachel, who is never able to extinguish the spark she immediately felt for Oz. But being secretly in love with her best friend’s boyfriend all year hasn’t been easy.

As this year’s party approaches, Oz and Tamara break up. It’s a worst-case scenario when Oz asks Rachel to help him write Tamara love letters to win her back in time for their Hanukkah anniversary. Rachel’s been writing love letters to Oz into journals for a year; she knows all the words he would need. But will Rachel be able to hide her true feelings from Oz any longer? And might this year’s party finally be Rachel’s chance to trust her heart and put everything on the line for love?

Royally Yours

Royally Yours is a six-part feel-good serial inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding. It was dreamed up by a team of writers including Megan Frampton, K.M. Jackson, Kate McMurray and Falguni Kothari.

I wrote Episode 1, The Paparazzo and the Queen’s Guard, in which American paparazzo Gwen Parker locks lips and swaps snappy banter with a member of the Queen’s guard, the very British Jack Churchill. She’s all about big ideas and big risks. He’s a tall, dark hunk of delicious discipline. (Well, except for the part in the cupboard. He really can’t stop himself then.)

The two opposites find common ground when Gwen tries to sneak inside Buckingham Palace to snap wedding day pictures; Jack’s got a much different plan in mind for her. And Gwen’s beginning to think his might be the better idea…

The Shadow Runners

Newgate, Australia: In the 22nd century, history repeats itself. The land is controlled by “the Parliament,” a gang of dissipated self-styled aristocrats who rule in a mockery of the English Regency. To survive here, you have to know the tricks. Like Jenny Red. She knows the score. She’s been Down Under and made it out to tell the tale.

This book was written as a standalone, but is a part of the popular “2176” series. I will be reissuing it for the first time as an ebook. Huzzah!

Hot & Bothered

Living la belle vie is the best revenge…

Hosting a fabulous party is the perfect cap-off to Cassie Hagen’s successful business trip in Paris. Living in the land of decadent macarons, French fashion and champagne is great—especially compared to her past life as the scholarship student at a tony New York private school.

Then Jack Marchand shows up. Sure, he’s hot, French and super-apologetic about how he humiliated her in high school. He was all of her firsts: her first lover, the first to break her heart and the first to dump her after one night together.

Jack has never forgotten Cassie. He’s determined to prove he’s changed and win her back. As an apology, it’s pretty much perfect. Deliciously so. But Cassie isn’t quite ready to forgive him.